In step two, we apply the revolutionary 3D motion capture technology of Retül to dial the bicycle in to your body’s unique biomechanics.  Ours is the ONLY system in the region capable of analyzing your position under pedaling load.  This means your fit is determined by how you ride the bike, not by how you sit on it.

With Retül, a string of LEDs running along the body from hand to toe allows us to take critical measurements on all three planes-- X,Y,& Z.  We use this data to map noise in your pedal stroke within a millimeter and to trace your body angles to a single degree.  We then apply these findings to correct for pedaling inefficiencies while making sure you’re comfortably situated within the limits of your natural flexibility.  What is more, Retül lets us treat each side of your body independently.  We record data from your right and left sides separately to isolate any discrepancies, thus delivering the ultimate dynamic bike fit.

Available as an additional service, Pressure Mapping is the region’s ONLY dynamic and interactive system for saddle selection. Utilizing a pressure-sensitive saddle cover, we are able to establish a visual display of both the pressure and motion of your pelvic structure and soft tissue while pedaling. Reinforcing the idea of determining fit based on how you ride the bike, this pressure and motion feedback shows us how your body interacts with different saddles and guides us to help you make the perfect saddle choice.