Our Fitters

julie saeler

Julie “Small frame, Big engine” Saeler brings a unique breadth of knowledge and understanding to the FitSquared Studio. With a background that includes a BS in Exercise Physiology and MAT in Health and Physical Education from Kent State University, Julie draws upon her education as well as 11 years of involvement with the fitness industry to offer a well-rounded understanding of proper bicycle fit. Her work at Summa Health System, a medically-based fitness center, gave her the physical assessment experience needed to understand the body’s limitations and adaptations. Her time spent teaching Health and P.E. at Kent City Schools instilled patience and a love of helping others set and achieve athletic goals. Julie’s personal athletic experiences add to her awareness of how essential proper bicycle fit is. As a self-proclaimed “runner turned triathlete turned cross racer turned mountain biker” she has completed triathlons up to Ironman distance, dabbled in team mountain bike races, and currently represents Trek as part of its Cyclocross Collective Team. Julie has completed the Trek Precision Fit Level 1 and 2 classes and is Pittsburgh’s ONLY fitter trained in Trek’s Precision Fit Pressure Mapping Technology.