Pre-Purchase Fit


Before you spend thousands on your dream machine, take advantage of the Retül Müve fit bike at FitSquared. This mechanical marvel allows us to change your position in the tiniest increments while you’re pedaling. And with its integrated Cycleops Powerbeam trainer, our fit experts can analyze your power output to find your optimal riding position before you order your frame.  

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Once you’re dialed in we’ll plug measurements from the fit bike into an extensive catalog of nearly every stock frame on the market, and voila! You’ve got the ideal bike that suits your composition and needs!  

Want what nobody else has?  Check out Trek’s new and improved Project One site. Trek now offers fully customizable road, tri, and mountain bikes at a variety of price points. Let your imagination run wild with limitless combinations of paint schemes, components, wheels, and more.  The possibilities are endless!

*If you order a bike through Top Gear Bicycle Shop or Trek of Pittsburgh, we’ll credit your Pre-Purchase Fit toward a full Retül Fit when your bike arrives.


Fit squared is no ordinary bike fit. The amount of time spent examining the individual both on and off the bike provides a unique and more precise fit. I used the pre-buy fit and it was great to know how my best position would work with particular makes and models rather than trying to ‘make it work’ on a bike that was not ideal for my body. The end result was an optimal position for both comfort and power output!
— Eric Johnson, PsyD, Neuropsychologist, UPMC Sports Concussion Program