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foundation FIT


This level of fit was designed for the serious road rider, the weekend century rider, the club racer, the cyclocross racer, the endurance mountain biker, the XC mountain biker, and all riders who are seeking more power, control, comfort and efficiency.  We start at the feet and work towards the hands, checking critical angles as well as alignment, making adjustments to the bike as needed. Now includes Pressure Mapping!

The Components:

Interview, Off-the-bike Physical Evaluation/Assessment, On-the-bike Foundation Fit, Retül Zin of the bike (pre and post-fit) for future reference

Retül motion capture option


Our Retül Motion Capture Option is available to add on to any Foundation Fit. After the Foundation Fit is complete, we attach a string of LEDs to critical points along your body from hand to toe. These LEDs provide us with a digital map of your body's motion while pedaling under load, allowing us to correct for inefficiencies and deliver the ultimate dynamic bike fit.

Pressure mapping option


Pressure Mapping is now included with every Foundation Fit package to ensure the most comfortable riding experience possible. Utilizing a pressure-sensitive saddle cover, we are able to establish a visual display of both the pressure and motion of your pelvic structure and soft tissue while pedaling.  Accounting for length, width, shape, curvature, pressure points, and pelvic rotation, Pressure Mapping allows us to pinpoint problem areas and determine the best saddle choice.

*** Pressure Mapping is also available as a stand-alone service if you have been fit in the last 6 months ***

triathlon/aero fit OPTION (includes retül motion capture)


Seconds count in time trial situations, so special attention is paid to personalizing your aerodynamics on the bike for maximum power output and comfort. Retül Motion Capture is included with this option to further ensure that we have achieved your most efficient position possible.

hybrid fit


Our most basic fit package is designed for the new trail, road, or mountain enthusiast looking for a quick and effective assessment by our trained staff.

Components: You and your bicycle will be assessed while on a stationary trainer for the following fit conditions: Saddle Height, Fore-aft Saddle Position Adjustment, Bar Height /Fore-aft Adjustment, Brake lever Positioning.  Changes will be made accordingly. Pressure Mapping will be utilized to address any saddle problems you may be experiencing. 


$25-50 (20-25 Minutes) 

This fit is great for the cyclist who is new to clipless pedal systems and wants to ensure an injury-free transition; also great if you own more than one pair of cycling shoes.

The Components:

Structural Assessment of the feet, cleat placement including adjustments for: Fore & Aft Position, Medial/Lateral Position, Heel/Toe Rotation, Overall alignment to ensure safe, proper pedaling dynamics

Just cycling shoes will be assessed not the rider/bicycle/shoe dynamics.

*****Prices effective April 5, 2017 and subject to change*****