Not unlike a training plan, FitSquared fits are goal oriented: “I want to be more aerodynamic, I want to produce more power, I want to ride further.”  These are demands we take into consideration with each fit, but often these ideas require incremental changes.  As you progress through your season working towards your fit and fitness goals, we want to revisit your position on the bike to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.  

Bodies are constantly changing.  To an athlete in training, a fitter, stronger, more powerful body is a sign of progress.  To us, physiological changes suggest a need to adapt your fit.  This is especially true as your big events are nearing.  We strongly encourage that you tune your fit a month in advance of your most important races to make certain that your gains in fitness are transferred with maximum efficiency through your machine.  That’s why we offer the progressive fit. Click here to contact one of our professional fitters today to schedule your fit session.